What We Do

We are a fully integrated privately-held hospitality company located in sunny Hollywood, Florida. We excel in all facets of the hospitality industry, ranging from strategic acquisitions and new developments, to renovations and management services in order to increase profitability through strategic partnerships.

AD1 Global offers complete and comprehensive hotel solutions tailored to the specific needs of the property. Our goal is to continuously improve the work process resulting in highly profitable hotels. We work with hotel owners, financial institutions and investors to develop successful strategies and action plans.

We have built strategic partnerships to create a win-win strategy for all parties involved in the EB-5 investment program. This initiative is helping investors and the company secure a long pipeline of premiere developments.

As a hotel developer, owner and operator with an extensive track record in the hospitality industry, our company will be able to provide investment security for all EB-5 investors.


Business success

We are continually challenging ourselves to be the best in our industry.

Integrity and transparency

We strive to demonstrate honesty and high ethical standards in all business dealings and relations – in every aspect of our operation.


We are passionate about our business, brand and service.


We build long lasting relationships with all the members of our business, including employees, partners, communities, investors and clients.

Respect the bottom line

We are committed to growing revenue and increasing efficiency.

Protecting our important assets

People are our most important asset. From the line employee to the investor – we each have a stake in the overall success of the company.


  • Acquire existing and operating hotels in the U.S.
  • Purchase below replacement cost
  • Identify high-yielding investment opportunities
  • Strategic locations and leading hotel flags
  • Value creation through strategic partnerships


  • New development and construction of hotels from inception to completion
  • EB-5 opportunities
  • Experience with top-tier architects, designers, and construction companies
  • FF&E, project management, renovations and turnaround expertise


  • A “One-Stop” hotel management service company
  • Dedicated to maximizing revenue
  • Focused on optimizing expenses