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Technology Is The Key To Hospitality Success by Forbes


Daniel Berman

President and CEO at AD1 Global, a fully-integrated hospitality, acquisition, development, and management company headquartered in Florida.


In today’s world, it’s imperative that companies and businesses constantly evolve. Simply put, if you’re not keeping up with the latest advancements in technology, your company will lag behind.

In the hospitality industry, there are two different groups of people that you need to cater to as a business: your guests and your investors. Both of these groups of people are looking for the most efficient and accurate delivery of information on a daily basis. For guests, this might mean hotel rates or room/concierge service. Investors, on the other hand, want detailed information regarding their investments, especially in a constantly changing market like this one.

To many, this whole technological revolution seems daunting. And as a business owner, I definitely agree. However, I believe that the key is to surround yourself with experts who will help guide you on the right path. Technology can seem overwhelming and infinite, but it can also be your greatest ally in this industry. With millennials at the forefront of pretty much everything, you have to be able to speak their language.

From personal experience, I can say that without a doubt, technology has helped my business grow and improve exponentially. There are certain key things to consider in order to begin integrating tech in your business. If implemented correctly, it can help optimize everyday procedures and render them more efficient. The first step is to analyze the current systems and processes that exist in the hospitality industry. Once you determine what need can be enhanced through technology, you can begin to search for the right solutions for your business.

There are several essential functions of technology in the hospitality industry. Below are some that I consider the most important.

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